The Benefits of Visiting an Emergency Dentist

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Emergency DentistHaving access to an emergency dentist can be very beneficial to your health. Our emergency dentist office can help you right when you need help most. Receiving treatment at the first sign of discomfort or infection will prevent more detrimental problems. You can put your oral health and your overall health first by visiting our office instead of waiting for an appointment to open up at your general dentist office. Understandably, we receive questions about our services daily. We want to answer these questions to help you understand the importance of seeing an emergency dentist at the first sign of a problem.

My filling came loose. How important is it to have it re-filled right now?

For any patient who has a missing filling or a missing crown, that tooth is vulnerable to a multitude of problems. A missing filling means the tooth is more susceptible to further decay. If a patient allows his or her tooth to continue decaying, then the patient may suffer from a painful abscess, tooth loss, or other gum and tooth infections.

As an emergency dentist, we can refortify the area with a new filling. Our fillings provide durable coverage and a natural appearance. We can replace the lost filling with a stronger one to help prevent additional issues.

I chipped my tooth, should I get it fixed right now?

A chipped tooth may not seem like a big problem at first, but it can make the tooth vulnerable to more damage. A chipped tooth is weak and open to more breakage. By opening up the protective enamel surface, it leaves the root of the tooth susceptible to more decay. Do not risk losing a tooth to damage or decay by waiting to fix a chip.

As an emergency dentist office, we can fill in the chipped area of the tooth with a tooth-colored bonding that will provide protection and aesthetic value for many years to come. We can also use a crown or veneer to restore the tooth.

Is a toothache really a dangerous problem?

A toothache can be a dangerous problem. Normally, a persistent toothache means the tooth is suffering from extensive decay. We can check out the tooth today to find out the reason it is aching. If a patient does have decay, we can remove it and fix the tooth. Do not let decay take over by waiting when we can help to prevent further damage to the tooth.

While these questions are common, you should not take your dental needs lightly. If you notice any unusual discomfort, discoloration, or any sensitivities, you should visit our emergency dentist office for a remedy. The benefits and the availability of our emergency dentist office cannot be beaten in times of need. Letting us treat your tooth today can save you time and money in the future.

Do not let what seems to be small problems get out of hand by failing to visit a dentist when you need to. Great Lakes Dental Group can provide relief for your oral health issues whenever a problem arises.

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